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4 Benefits of Using a Mobile Locksmith

You might believe that a mobile locksmith offers the exact same service as a standard locksmith. While they perform a lot of the same locksmith related services, the big difference is the way the service is delivered to you. Mobile locksmiths travel in specially equipped vehicles which operate as mobile workplaces. Below are 4 benefits to using a mobile locksmith service.  They carry all their tools with them It isn't uncommon to call a workman or technician to your home only to be told that the required work cannot be completed on that day. Read More 

What’s Your First Job When Moving into a Newly Constructed Home?

It is easy to become complacent when construction is finished and you first move into that house of your dreams. You feel as if you have finally "made it" and simply want to bask in that rosy glow. However, one of the first things you should think about is your security and you shouldn't take anything for granted. This is why one of your first phone calls should be to a locksmith. Read More 

Three Tips For Securing Your Home in the Summer

When the summer season arrives, you likely spend more time out of the house, whether going to the public pool for the day or heading out on vacation. It is a good time to revisit your home security and improve it so you can avoid break-ins. Keep Your Windows and Doors Closed It is tempting to leave your windows and doors open at all times during the summer in order to let fresh air in, but this can be a safety hazard when intruders know you do this. Read More 

Is It Time to Change the Locks on Your Home?

Changing the locks to your home should be done when you've lost your keys; even if you get them back, having them out of your possession for any time can mean that someone made a copy of them, so now your home is no longer secure. However, this is not the only time or situation that should call for a change of the locks on your home. Note when it's good to call a locksmith to either change the locks or upgrade them, and why. Read More 

When The Hunter Meets The Lawyer And The Locksmith

If the ever-increasing popularity of recreational hunting is anything to go by, there's bound to be a novice hunter somewhere waiting with bated breath for the next hunting season. Contrary to what a large number of novice hunters may think, there's more to this sporting activity than getting the relevant gun license. This article explains why first-time recreational hunters may need to hire a legal expert and a locksmith before they can set off for the bush. Read More