Top Four Benefits of Packing Your Stuff Into Boxes When Using a Storage Unit

If you are planning to put some stuff into storage, you can put everything into the storage unit as is, or you can buy boxes. Packing your stuff into boxes offers a range of benefits. Here's a look at just a few of them:

1. Dust reduction

When things are packed into a cardboard box, the cardboard protects the items from dust both while in storage and while travelling to the storage unit. This preserves the condition of your items, and it's especially important for electronics, art or other valuables that may get damaged by dust or that can be hard to clean once dusty. To further eliminate dust from your possessions, use a hefty amount of tape to ensure the boxes are well sealed.

2. Privacy

Compared to clear, plastic storage bins or no containers at all, cardboard boxes offer a lot more privacy. Whether you are taking the boxes out of your house to bring them to the storage unit, driving them around in your car or loading them into the storage unit, if a thief is nearby, he or she won't be able to see what's in your boxes. That privacy can help reduce incidences of theft. For example, if a thief cannot tell whether a box has a stereo in it or just some old rags, he or she may be less motivated to try to steal the box. Additionally, if you are moving anything personal that you don't want others to see, a cardboard box gives you the privacy you need.

3. Easier to move

Boxes make items easier to move. Rather than holding an awkward armful of items, you can simply stack a pile of boxes onto a sack barrow and easily move them into or out of your storage unit as needed. That allows you to move more items at once, saving you time while putting items into the storage unit and also saving time when it's time to leave the storage unit.

4. Simplified organisation

Just as boxes make items easier to move, they also make items easier to organise. The uniform shape of the boxes makes stacking simple, and you can easily create rows and aisles through your storage unit so that you can easily find items as needed to remove them from the unit.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of boxes when storing items, contact a self storage centre that sells boxes, such as Store-It-Safe.