Emergency Locksmith | 3 Actions To Undertake When Your Rental Property Has Been Burglarised

The Australian Institute of Criminology reported 214,222 burglaries in 2012, which is a rate of 944 for every 100,000 households. If you live in a rental apartment that's been burglarised when you were out, it could potentially be a troubling time for you and your family. You'll obviously need to undertake certain actions immediately after a burglary, whether it involves hiring an emergency locksmith or calling the authorities.

Inform The Authorities

Your first action is to call the authorities immediately once you get home to let them know everything you can about the situation. You should try to pass along as much information as possible because this would potentially help the officials find the thief more easily. For example, any specific items that have gone missing should be reported immediately because the thief may still be in the area, so patrolling vans can be given more specific descriptions. You can also talk to your neighbours to find out whether they noticed anything untoward near your home. Once the authorities arrive, show them any signs of forced entry to help them gather evidence of the burglary.

Keep Your Landlord Or Property Manager Informed Of The Burglary

Your next action is to let your landlord or property manager know of the situation because they will need to organise for an emergency locksmith to get to your home immediately to change the locks. In the event of a burglary, landlords are typically liable for the cost of an emergency locksmith because they are responsible for installing and maintaining reasonable security devices and locks in the home. If you cannot get in touch with them, you may be able to call an emergency locksmith on your own and can claim the expenses later.

Claim For Renter's Insurance

If you live in a rental property, you should ideally have taken renter's insurance to protect your contents from burglaries and other kinds of damage. If you have renter's insurance, then you will need to file a claim with them for all your contents that have been robbed from the home. Renter's insurance will also cover you for any damage to the house you are renting. Make sure you include as many items as possible when filing for renter's insurance at the start. This ensures that most stolen items are covered in your insurance policy and will protect you from financial loss.

Follow these smart actions if your rental property has been burglarised and make sure the emergency locksmith arrives immediately to ensure maximum safety for you and your family.