What You Should Know About Duplicating Keys

Many people don't think twice about using a duplicated key to make another copy of a key; however, such a habit has its own problems. Read on and discover the dangers of that habit and what you should do instead. Why Using Duplicates to Make Copies Isn't Good The degree of accuracy of key duplicating machines varies. Consequently, each new copy that you make comes with a slight variation from the original key. Read More 

Why a Business Should Call for Glass Repair at the First Sign of Damage

If you own a commercial building, and especially for a retail store, restaurant, or other business that relies on foot traffic, you don't want to wait until a front window actually shatters to call for emergency glass repair. Even just a small chip or crack should be repaired right away, or may mean that the glass should be replaced. Since business owners rarely know when damage to their glass might occur, note a few reasons you should call for repairs or replacement as soon as you see the first signs of damage. Read More 

Top Four Benefits of Packing Your Stuff Into Boxes When Using a Storage Unit

If you are planning to put some stuff into storage, you can put everything into the storage unit as is, or you can buy boxes. Packing your stuff into boxes offers a range of benefits. Here's a look at just a few of them: 1. Dust reduction When things are packed into a cardboard box, the cardboard protects the items from dust both while in storage and while travelling to the storage unit. Read More 

Emergency Locksmith | 3 Actions To Undertake When Your Rental Property Has Been Burglarised

The Australian Institute of Criminology reported 214,222 burglaries in 2012, which is a rate of 944 for every 100,000 households. If you live in a rental apartment that's been burglarised when you were out, it could potentially be a troubling time for you and your family. You'll obviously need to undertake certain actions immediately after a burglary, whether it involves hiring an emergency locksmith or calling the authorities. Inform The Authorities Read More 

When Should You Call a Locksmith Versus Get Yourself Back into Your Home?

If you've locked yourself out of your house, of course you have the right to try to get back into the home by yourself, either by forcing a window open or trying to pick the lock yourself. However, just because you have the right to break into your own home doesn't mean it's necessarily the best thing to do! There are many times when it's better to call a locksmith versus trying to manage a lockout on your own. Read More