What’s Your First Job When Moving into a Newly Constructed Home?

It is easy to become complacent when construction is finished and you first move into that house of your dreams. You feel as if you have finally "made it" and simply want to bask in that rosy glow. However, one of the first things you should think about is your security and you shouldn't take anything for granted. This is why one of your first phone calls should be to a locksmith. Why is this so important?

Checking up on the Contractor's Work 

When the contractors are involved in building your new home, they have a lot of things to consider. Remember, that they are by definition a generalist and you cannot expect them to pay very close attention to all the details. What about all those deadbolts that have been installed? This is certainly not the contractor's specialty, so get a locksmith to have a look at all of the doors around the perimeter. It's likely that the components fitted are simply standard, and you should be opting for high security. For example, when it comes to the actual deadbolts, the longer they are the better. Also, make sure that the striker plate component is fitted with high tensile screws that go well into the door frame.

Protecting from the Inside

If you have decorative glass windows on either side of your main point of entry, a standard deadbolt is not necessarily going to help you. It's fairly easy for somebody intent on getting into the house to make a small hole in the glass itself, allowing them to reach in and simply turn the knob. The conventional deadbolts, in this case, should be replaced with a solution that needs a key in order to operate, rather than simply twisting a knob.

Upgrade for Safety

Ask your professional locksmith to give you their assessment of the locks fitted to your home. It is likely that they are mass produced, and of a kind typically found on a hardware store shelf. Generally, these are not to the highest specifications. You should think about purchasing locks that are at the high-end of the market, in order to give you the extra peace of mind.

Removing The Worry about Spare Keys

You don't know who has had access to the key to your home during the construction process. It's likely that there is a master key somewhere and you don't want to leave this up in the air. Get all the locks rekeyed by the locksmith instead.