Three Tips For Securing Your Home in the Summer

When the summer season arrives, you likely spend more time out of the house, whether going to the public pool for the day or heading out on vacation. It is a good time to revisit your home security and improve it so you can avoid break-ins.

Keep Your Windows and Doors Closed

It is tempting to leave your windows and doors open at all times during the summer in order to let fresh air in, but this can be a safety hazard when intruders know you do this. In order to be safe, you should either use your air conditioner more and keep all windows and doors closed and locked or keep them open but have high-security screens installed. These window and door screens allow fresh air to come in to cool off your home, but intruders can't gain access into your home. Contact a locksmith if you need better locks on your windows or doors.

Don't Hide Spare Keys in Obvious Places

This is a very common mistake made by people who are hiding a spare key to allow someone access while on vacation. If you are having a neighbor water your plants or tend to your cats while you are gone, give them a spare key directly instead of leaving one under the mat for them. However, there are instances when someone needs to get into your home who doesn't have a key, such as your brother who wants to borrow your lawnmower while you are gone. You can hide a spare key somewhere that an intruder won't find, but is still available for those who need it. For example, try hiding the key under the dog house, where a burglar is certainly not going to go near. Another good place is under a rock, but not an obvious one. Choose a rock among many other rocks that only you can identify.

Follow Proper Vacation Safety Measures

When you are planning on leaving for summer vacation, there are a few other safety measures you need to take. First of all, make sure you either leave the lights on yourself or have a neighbor turn them on each evening. This makes others assume you are home so they won't try to break in. You can also have a neighbor park their vehicle in your driveway and pick up your mail and newspapers. Also don't ever tell people on social media that you are going on vacation, when, and how long you will be gone. Just let people know after you have returned.