Why Call an Emergency Locksmith to Your Home or Car After a Lockout

When trying to decide whether or not you should call an emergency locksmith, you never want to make the decision based on cost alone. There are many reasons why it's good to immediately call an emergency locksmith when locked out of your home or car, rather than trying to manage this yourself. Note a few good times when it's good to make that call and why you shouldn't be thinking of the cost alone in these situations.

1. When the key has broken off in the lock 

One common method of trying to fix this problem on your own is to use something else that you wedge into the lock in order to get out that broken key. This often makes the problem worse, as you could actually jam the key even further into the lock and cause more damage to the tumblers or pins inside. In turn, you would need the lock replaced altogether versus having a locksmith simply open it up and retrieve the key. A locksmith can also note why the key broke off; for instance, if the lock is sticky, it may need a good spray with some lubricant to remove dust and dirt, so it can work easily in the future.

2. The lock has been tampered with

If you're locked out because the lock to your house or car has obviously been tampered with, you want to call an emergency locksmith. Someone may have successfully made a copy of your key after tampering with the lock, or the lock may be compromised so that a person could easily break into your car or home before you have the locks changed. Rather than risk your safety, have a locksmith change the lock or rekey it on the spot.

3. When your safety might be at risk

Are you locked out of your car in a strange neighborhood, or in an otherwise deserted parking garage? Are you locked out of your home late at night? There may be many reasons why your safety might be at risk as you stand outside your house or car, trying to get back in on your own. Rather than take hours to do this or try to go down your phone list, looking for a friend who can pick you up, it's good to call an emergency locksmith. They can get you inside quickly and easily so you're safe and secure.