Affordable Tips for Adding Style to Your Home With Simple Accessories

To add some style to your home and update its look, you don't need to spend the time and money involved in a full renovation. Adding an updated look doesn't always require you to tear down walls, replace flooring, or do anything else quite so drastic; sometimes just a few simple changes to your home's accessories are all that's needed. Consider a few ways to add a new look to your home with simple accessories.

1. Change the window dressing

Old blinds and outdated curtains can look very dull and drab and make your space seem old and drab as well. Window dressing usually isn't very expensive; you might try simple curtain panels for a lighter look that's very affordable; these are a good choice if you like having fabric drapes but find your current curtains are a bit heavy. Roller blinds are also usually affordable and come in a wide range of colors and fabrics and can give your space a clean and modern look without interfering with other pieces in the room.

2. Put up bead board

If the walls of your home seem just a bit drab and flat, try putting up bead board. Bead board paneling can be cut to fit the lower third of your wall and nailed or glued in to place, right over the current drywall. Add a chair rail at the top of the bead board, and you have an instantly updated look that gives your walls texture and style.

3. Add crown molding

Crown molding at the top of the walls can draw the eyes up and make the space seem larger; crown molding also has a certain regal style that can make your home seem more lavish and stately. Opt for the largest or widest crown molding you can afford to ensure it catches the eyes and adds that style to your room that you want.

4. Change the handles and knobs

Sometimes just changing door handles and doorknobs can be all that's needed to add a new look to your home. For a classic look that goes with any décor, try matte black door handles for all your rooms and your entryway door. You can even use matte black handles and knobs in the kitchen and bathroom, since they work well against wood cabinets while still coordinating nicely with stainless steel or any other type of appliance. For a fun look, add oversized, faux, matte black hinges to room doors to match. If you don't like black, you can also check out other options from retailers like The Lock and Handle