Tips and Tricks to Concealing Your Home Safe

One of the best ways of enhancing the security of your valuables and money at home is by storing them in a safe. However, not many homeowners pout much thought into the placement of their safe once it arrives. You simply cannot leave it in the living room for all and sundry to view it. However, you need to ensure that it is located in an area that will both be easily accessible to you, but hard to come across by potential burglars. Here are some tips and tricks to concealing your home safe.     

Install a fake air vent

Air vents are a staple in most homes. As such, most burglars will not think about having to check air vents for any valuables. You can have a professional contractor come and make space for your safe in the wall, and conceal the opening by installing a fake air vent. The best thing about this is that you can easily open up the vent whenever you need to access your safe, yet will still blend easily with the rest of your home.

Install a sliding mirror

If you do not want to store your home safe in the living room, you could opt to hide it in your bedroom. One way of doing this would be by having a sliding mirror installed on the wall. Behind the mirror, you can have a medicine-style cabinet created that can house your safe. This way your hiding spot is still functional, yet will not draw any unneeded attention, as it will not be out of place.

Install a fake electrical panel

If there is one thing most people are wary about in households, it is the electrical panel. Typically, people will only opt to access their electrical switchboard if there is a problem with the electricity. Other than that, it usually stays untouched. This is why a fake electrical panel would be an ideal hiding spot for your home safe. A professional contractor can create a hole in the wall to the measurements of your safe. Once the safe is inside, the fake electrical panel is installed with a combination lock to boot. This may seem as a precautionary measure against electrocution but instead acts as added security for your safe.

Hide the safe in the garage

Most garages are characterized by cardboard boxes, as this is where they end up once you move into a new home. You can easily camouflage your safe by putting it inside one of these boxes then placing it amongst an entire stack of other boxes. Burglars would not think of rummaging through your garage items for valuables as most of these items tend to be located in the main house.